Fitspo of the week: Fitspo of the Week: Trang Le - How Did I Become a Fitness Instructor?

Fitspo of the Week: Trang Le - How Did I Become a Fitness Instructor?
FITSPO | October 16, 2021

“There is a book titled ‘A life like a pathfinder’ by Phan Van Truong. This book is about the continuous progress and continuous development of a person at any age. It suits young people like me who are always hungry to move forward, relentless and never afraid to fail.”


Trang Le opened the interview about her life and career story with Mansion Sports Vietnam like that. The fitness enthusiast community is no stranger to this name. Trang Le is a well-known fitness trainer and also a role model followed by many people on social media.


Trang Le - Mansion Sports News


What led you to fitness and become the successful trainer you are today? How has Fitness changed your life?

When I first started fitness, the industry was very new. That was about 10 years ago. The subjects of training are usually people from a high intellectual and conditional class. Luckily, back then I also had the chance to know gyms when they recruited coaches. Through a few acquaintances, I signed up. As soon as I entered, I knew I belonged to this environment.

I am not only an active person, I consider myself very good, very passionate about movement. I decided I was going to go professional. Fitness has changed me a lot, for example, to healthier habits. Health is definitely better. More disciplined, have a better figure. I feel that I am always a valuable person in the eyes of people.

I am always an example for people to remember, people always ask me about training and eating. In general, I was a health coach for people.


What challenges have you faced and overcome in your 10-year journey?

The biggest challenge was probably when I decided to build content on social media platforms. I’ve been here for about 7 years. Work pressure is a lot.

I have to teach 15 to 20 fitness classes per week, while learning and developing more professional knowledge, while building multiple platforms. The pressure is immense. It’s physically exhausting, it’s stressful mentally.

I remember correctly that around 2018-2020, I felt a lot of pressure. I don’t have much time to play and I’m always in a state where I have to learn and do. However, I am very grateful for that time because because of it, I changed a lot.


What about fond memories?

For me, those aren’t awards or degrees. What I feel most impressed with, happiest and most valuable to me is the change of each student. They consider themselves relatives. I have older practitioners as well. Success is when they improve their health, not only better than when they were not training, but sometimes even stronger than young people the same age as their children and grandchildren. Thanks to training, their health changes dramatically.

I feel very proud to bring a huge improvement in health to my aunts and uncles. Besides, when we teach and change the lives of others, they know how to love themselves more properly and are more motivated.

Someone cried, and told me they were grateful for what they had done for them. It is these stories that I will never forget, and also motivate me in my work.