Micah Richards Defends Phil Foden Amid Tactical Debate


July 10, 2024 · 1 min read

Micah Richards Defends Phil Foden Amid Tactical Debate
FootBall | July 10, 2024
Micah Richards offers candid insights on the 25-year-old's performances in Euro 2024. (Image: BBC Sport)

Micah Richards, reflecting on England’s performance in the Euros, discussed his role as a BBC pundit alongside Cesc Fabregas during England’s victory over Serbia, where they debated Phil Foden’s positioning on the left. Richards defended Foden against criticism, attributing his challenges to tactical setup rather than personal performance. Richards acknowledged criticism of both Foden and Harry Kane on social media but emphasized their potential and the need for better tactical support.

He argued that Foden’s success with Manchester City stems from playing closer to the goal, a role England hasn’t optimized. Despite a more central role against Switzerland, Richards felt England’s deeper play hindered Foden’s impact. Richards defended Foden against undue criticism, noting the adjustment period with teammate Jude Bellingham’s style. He highlighted Foden’s potential, drawing parallels to his breakthrough at Manchester City when Kevin de Bruyne was injured.

Richards expressed hope for Foden to shine in upcoming matches, urging patience before judgment. He critiqued England’s conservative approach under Gareth Southgate, advocating for bolder tactical adjustments during games, especially involving substitutions. While Richards acknowledged Kane’s adaptation challenges under Southgate’s defensive tactics, he stressed Kane’s goal-scoring ability and the team’s collective adjustment process. He called for braver tactical decisions against the Netherlands, emphasizing the potential impact of England’s deeper squad.

Micah Richards, speaking to BBC Sport, shared insights on England’s tactical challenges and the potential for improvement in the ongoing Euros campaign.