Alessia Russo Targets Victory in Decisive Euro 2025 Qualifiers


July 10, 2024 · 1 min read

Alessia Russo Targets Victory in Decisive Euro 2025 Qualifiers
FootBall | July 10, 2024
Alessia Russo has contributed two goals to England's total of six in their Euro 2025 qualifying campaign. (Image: Getty)

Alessia Russo emphasizes the significance of England’s upcoming matches as they aim for automatic qualification for Euro 2025 in Switzerland. Currently third in Group A3, level on points with Sweden but behind on goal difference, the Lionesses face crucial fixtures. They start with a match against the Republic of Ireland in Norwich, followed by a decisive encounter against Sweden in Gothenburg four days later.

Securing two victories would ensure England’s direct qualification, avoiding the need for a playoff. Russo, Arsenal striker, expressed the team’s determination towards this goal, recognizing the challenges posed by their competitive group. Reflecting on their recent 2-1 win against France, Russo highlighted the importance of maintaining high standards.

She acknowledged the tough nature of their group but remains optimistic about England’s preparation and ability to compete at this level. Regarding their upcoming match against the Republic of Ireland, Russo emphasized the need for thorough preparation despite their previous victory over Ireland. She stressed the value of facing familiar opponents multiple times, enabling the team to refine their strategies and improve performance consistently.

Russo underscored the team’s focus on learning from each game, maintaining their principles while adapting tactics as needed. She expressed confidence in England’s readiness to face top opposition and emphasized the team’s collective ambition to qualify directly for Euro 2025.

Looking ahead, Alessia Russo and the Lionesses are determined to capitalize on their preparations and deliver strong performances in these pivotal matches, aiming to secure their place in next year’s European Championship.