Hot girl of the month: Hot Girl of the Month: Trần Thị Duyên - A World Cup Player

Hot Girl of the Month: Trần Thị Duyên - A World Cup Player
Hot Girl | October 16, 2021

The Determined Beauty of Football

Tran Thị Duyên has become a well-known figure, celebrated for both her beauty and her prowess on the football field. However, she remains humble, never seeing herself as someone significant despite her fame. “When I became famous, sugar daddies approached me, but those have never been my cup of tea. I consider them all usual people,” Duyen reflects.

Navigating the dual nature of social media, she chooses positivity over negativity.

“I choose to think positively and dedicate time to self-completion. I want to focus only on beautiful things and refuse to engage with the ultras, keeping them out of my thoughts,” she says.

Duyen’s reputation initially revolved around her looks, but she strives to be recognized equally for her talent in football. “Therefore, I put much effort into my career to be the best of both worlds: a hot girl and a footballer,” she adds.


Duyen wearing jersey yellow and green
I put much effort into my career to be the best of both worlds: a hot girl and a footballer

Overcoming Career Challenges

Duyen’s career faced a significant setback when she was hit with severe injuries early on. “Those times were harsh. Retirement and job change crossed my mind, as it was the first time I got hit by such an injury,” she recalls. The support and affection from her teammates motivated her to keep pursuing her passion.

“After the surgery, I worked hard to return to the pitch. It was such a painful and stressful period of treatment. Only an optimistic mindset could help me overcome it all,” Duyen explains.

Post-surgery, she had to use crutches to walk, which was a heartbreaking sight for her parents. “My parents cried a lot, seeing me that way. I love them so much. Honestly, I thought of retiring so my parents wouldn’t suffer anymore. But when it passed, my passion was still so strong in my veins. I strive and strive,” she states.

Her friends, family, and teammates provided unwavering support during her recovery. “Those beside me encouraged me to get back to action. It’s impossible to give up when I hear their wise words. It was said that the injury was only a small fry and that I would be all right,” Duyen says.


Duyen pursued her passion for football over money
I choose passion over money – Trần Thị Duyên

A Journey Fueled by Passion

Starting her football career wasn’t easy, as her parents initially rejected the idea.

“My father insisted that I was too young to play football. There were floods of tears from me to eventually convince my parents,” Duyen remembers. Despite financial challenges in Vietnamese women’s football, she prioritizes passion over money.

“To me, making money is only secondary to pursuing passion. I choose passion over money,” she asserts.

When she returned home with crutches, her parents urged her to retire. “They told me to retire, and they would take care of me. But it’s hard to give up when your passion burns like fire. I convinced them to let me carry on,” she says.
Duyen acknowledges that studying wasn’t her primary focus before football, but she believes she could excel if needed. “I can get good grades, not the best in class, but good enough. I thought of doing some business in case I quit football,” she admits.


Duyen sitting while her leg on the ball
I was lucky enough to walk around normally after the treatment

Looking Ahead

After her injury, thoughts of retirement were strong, but her passion for football kept her going. “I was lucky enough to walk around normally after the treatment. I have a great love for beautification, so I can run a beauty spa when I retire,” she muses.

Duyen emphasizes the importance of financial stability before marriage. “If I am not practicing during the day, I love to hang out with friends and enjoy music during my time off,” she shares. Maintaining her health and fitness is crucial, and she ensures her diet supports her performance on the pitch. “It’s essential to keep fit and be healthy. I consume food to fit on the pitch and try not to overthink how I look,” she explains.

When it comes to relationships, she values understanding and empathy. “I fall for a person who can listen, care, and share. My job asks for sympathy and feelings for each other,” Duyen states. Given her demanding schedule, she looks for someone who understands her commitment to her career. “People kept asking me when I would get married. I have made it clear that financial stability comes first, then marriage,” she declares.

Aiming for Greatness

Duyen’s ultimate goal is to excel both at the club and national team levels. Missing out on the 2023 World Cup was a significant disappointment. “I put in a lot of effort, but why did the injury come at such bad timing? I was broken being left out, but watching my teammates also encouraged me. Singing the anthem before every game, even at home, made me proud,” she reflects.

Trần Thị Duyên’s journey is a testament to her determination and passion, embodying the spirit of a true athlete who overcomes obstacles and strives for excellence.